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This blog has been hibernating for one year, nine months, and three days. And just like that, after tucking my kids into bed, after eating a leftover banana pancake for dinner, before emptying out the dishwasher, and while drinking ginger tea, I felt like reviving it.

I left off folding my twin boys’ Batman underwear, worrying about their media immersion. Now they wear Chima and Angry Birds Space underwear and watch Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare previews on YouTube. And sometimes they don’t wear any underwear at all because that’s how they roll. Underwear is highly overrated among independent 5 1/2-year-olds.

My daughter is 7 going on 17, with two new big front teeth, an eye roll, and a love of the words “weird” and “annoying” that takes endearing to a whole new level. The last thing she told me tonight before drifting off to sleep was that her best friend is actually her cousin “because today is Shakespeare’s birthday and he called all his friends cousins!” She teaches me something new every day.

As I revisit my old posts and recall the urge that sparked the creation of this blog I find myself smiling in recognition and disbelief. All those books about motherhood! All those what-ifs and imagine-thats! Back then I was reading about being torn between career and motherhood, about the value of caring labor, about workplace flexibility—now I’m living and breathing it.

I am now a full-time working mother of three young children. Step into my office.

If working mothers had a uniform, I could pin some additional badges to my lapel: The “Separated, Soon To Be Divorced” badge. The “50-50 Shared Custody Works” badge. The “I Survived Bankruptcy And Foreclosure” medal. The “I’m Dating Again” badge, with the special “I’ve Introduced Him To The Kids” ribbon. The “I Need a Flexible Work Schedule, Please Work With Me” badge. The “Just Say No To Extended After-School Care, Mommy” pin. The “What The Hell Will I Do With The Kids All Summer” badge. I’m highly decorated.

But one thing hasn’t changed: forming the next generation of human capital, aka raising my kids, is still one huge, never-ending, never-boring adventure. And god willing—which for this agnostic mommy just means that I hope to be spared any natural disasters and unexpected tragedies—the adventure will last as long as I live.

It will definitely give me plenty to write about.

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