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A bad day to quit heroin

Those were my husband’s wise words to describe this morning. Mind you, neither of us have a heroin addiction, just for the record. But if we did, or if we were attached to any other less lethal vice that helped us get through the day – and I’m not saying we are – today’s morning routine showed that it’s shaping up to be a bad day to give it up.

Some days our kids, who given their ages represent the perfect triumvirate of irrationality, really let it all hang out. They suddenly don’t want to go to school; they don’t want breakfast; they want down from their chair, and up into your arms; they change their minds mid-sentence, or mid-bite, once they’ve agreed to breakfast; and they love the sound of their own screaming, emphatic “NO!”s, “no way!”s, and “nothing!”s. I gave their teachers an extra wink of warning at drop-off.

It may not be a good day to quit heroin, but it’s a great day to have a Nutty Bar for breakfast.

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